The Azerbaijani diaspora celebrated Armed Forces Day in Istanbul

The Azerbaijani diaspora organized a ceremony in Istanbul on the occasion of the national holiday of Azerbaijan, June 26 - Armed Forces Day.
Representatives of the State Committee, the Consulate of Azerbaijan in Istanbul, the Coordination Councils of Azerbaijanis, Azerbaijani houses who arrived in Istanbul for the second meeting of World Azerbaijanis, 37 Azerbaijani cadets studying in Turkey, 31 veterans treated in the brotherly country, as well as their family members and senior staff of the National Defense University and 12 other professors attended the ceremony.
Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of the State Committee Fuad Muradov said that genius politician, prominent statesman, National Leader Heydar Aliyev and his worthy successor President Ilham Aliyev have rendered unparalleled services in the rebuilding of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, established 103 years ago. Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev raised Azerbaijan to the ranks of the most organized Armed Forces in the world, turning Azerbaijan into a victorious state and Azerbaijanis into a victorious people.
Congratulating the guests on the occasion, the chairman of the committee said that it is a great honor and pride for every Azerbaijani to celebrate this holiday as a victorious people and a victorious state with an invincible army.
Then, Vice-Rector of the National Defense University of Turkey Talat Janpolad, member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, head of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Interparliamentary Friendship Group Shamil Ayrim, Colonel Maharram Heybatov, who is currently receiving medical treatment in Turkey, and a senior official of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry spoke at the event.
Attention is drawn to the fact that our Armed Forces have become a powerful modern army that gives confidence to friends and fear to the enemy.
Within the framework of the event, awards were presented to our compatriots, who were awarded medals and letters of gratitude of the Azerbaijani state at the end of last year for their exceptional services to the diaspora.