The "National Lesson" project has been launched in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

At the initiative of our compatriot Sevinj Aliyeva, who lives in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the online project "National Lesson" has been launched. Within the project, programs reflecting our culture and art have been organized. The project is implemented in order to raise the national spirit of our compatriots aged 6-16 living abroad, to master the rich national and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani language, literature, history, culture and art will be taught in the classes. Programs covering music genres, cinema, theater, fine arts, architecture, dance will be introduced to the students, and they will be taught the secrets of playing the tar instrument.
Classes held in the Zoom program (starting from 12:00 Baku time) are presented in the most modern interactive form by teachers of higher and secondary schools of Azerbaijan. You can get information about the project in more detail at the following link: