Information on the provocation committed by the Armenian diaspora in Luxembourg

The activity of the Azerbaijani diaspora, Azerbaijani diaspora’s courage to speak in the international arena and the united position of our compatriots living abroad in the defense of our national interests is an undeniable reality of modern times.
Observations show that the historic victory achieved during the 44-day Patriotic War under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the activity and achievements of the Azerbaijani diaspora during and after the war are of serious concern to Armenians living in a state of constant aggression.
As always, in recent times, Armenians have been constantly damaging Azerbaijani diaspora centers, Azerbaijani houses, and trying to sabotage social networks. A few days ago, on May 13, the Karabakh Cultural Center in Luxembourg (11A, Bld. Joseph II L-1840 Luxembourg) was attacked, doors and windows were broken, and the center was severely damaged. Unfortunately, similar pitiful and faint-hearted actions of the Armenian diaspora are observed in the United States, Australia and other countries. Such cases are often not made public so as not to escalate tensions.
Summarizing the information received from the Azerbaijani diaspora, we note that law enforcement agencies have been contacted in connection with the incident in Luxembourg and an investigation is underway. We hope that a legal assessment will be given what happened.
As the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, we call on our compatriots to exercise restraint in the incidents, not to follow provocations, and we call Armenian diaspora to refrain from provocative actions and respect the laws of the countries where they live.