A contest dedicated to the National Hero of Azerbaijan has been announced in the United States

At the initiative of the Azerbaijani-American Women's Society, a writing contest dedicated to the birthday of National Hero of Azerbaijan Albert Agarunov has been announced.
The head of the Azerbaijani-American Women's Society, Minavvar Vahabova, said that April 25 is the birthday of Albert Agarunov, a tanker, National Hero, of Jewish descent, who loves his native Azerbaijan with all his heart: "The memory of Albert, who rose to the peak of martyrdom for the territorial integrity of our homeland Azerbaijan, is always dear to our people and state. On the eve of Albert Agarunov's birthday, our society organizes a writing competition on "What do I know about Azerbaijan?" among young people aged 10-20.
Young people wishing to participate in the competition should send their two-page essay to aawany65@gmail.com. According to the terms of the competition, essays must be written in English and free from plagiarism. Young people with artistic ability can add a drawing to the essay as a third page. But this is not a term, it is only desirable. The contest started on April 25, and the deadline for submissions is May 15.
The names of the winners to be determined by the jury will be announced on May 28, the national holiday of Azerbaijan - Republic Day, and the awarding ceremony for the first, second and third places will be held. The first place winner will get $ 500, the second place winner will receive $ 300, and the third place winner will receive $ 200. All participants will get certificates.