An awareness campaign was organized in Washington, Los Angeles and Boston

With the support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora and organized by Asmar Huseynova, a member of the Coordination Council of American Azerbaijanis, an awareness campaign was held in Washington, Los Angeles and Boston to draw attention to Armenia's refusal to provide mine maps.
Trucks with LED screens with slogans such as "We want a map of our lands that were mined", "Stop human deaths!", "Armenia must give a map of mined areas!", "Armenia, stop war crimes!", "Children should not be victims of landmines!" and photos drove through the central streets of US cities.
The rally in Washington covered the front of the White House, Stanton Park, Lafayette Square, City Center Plaza, Farragut Square, CityCenter DC, Lincoln Park and other surrounding areas, the action in Los Angeles covered LA-Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, Hollywood Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, the protest in Boston covered the main streets of Allstone Village, Boudoin Geneva Street, Brighton area, JP Center, Mission Hill and other places where people gather the most.