An information campaign on Armenia's unacceptable behavior has been launched in Norway

At the initiative of “JAN” organization operating in Norway, an information campaign on landmines planted by Armenia in our territories will be conducted in the “Utrop” newspaper from April 24 to May 8.
“JAN” chairwoman Shervin Najafpur said that through the campaign's banner, Norwegian readers will be able to access information on Armenia's refusal to provide maps of landmines in our territories in Norwegian by visiting the Diaspora organization's website (https://cannorway.com/humanitaer-minerydding). The main goal of the project is to draw attention to the realities of Karabakh, the events of the 44-day war and the war crimes committed by Armenia against Azerbaijanis.
It should be noted that, the official website of “Jan” called on the Norwegian government to support the demining process in Azerbaijan.