The topic "Smart cities - Azerbaijan" was discussed

The State Committee on Work with Diaspora and the media company “Timberwolf Phoenix” organized a virtual round table on "Smart Cities - Azerbaijan".
The event was attended by Irina Zukerman, Vice President of “Timberwolf Phoenix”, Tural Aliyev, a doctoral student at the University of Geneva, Amin Mammadov, an employee of the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture, and Anar Valiyev, Dean of ADA University. The moderator of the event, Irina Zuckerman, spoke about the importance of developing "smart cities" in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan.
In his video presentation, Tural Aliyev stressed the example of "smart city" models used in Singapore and Barcelona. He noted that Karabakh is a traditional mountainous region with clean air, water and quality food production, where the lack of population density opens up great opportunities for construction, the importance of financial efficiency and governance in the "smart" and at the same time sustainable development of cities.
Speaking at the event, Amin Mammadov and Anar Valiyev spoke about the priorities of the Azerbaijani government for the development of "smart cities" in the region, the need to anticipate and forecast infrastructure needs before the introduction of "smart cities". It was noted that the major cities of Karabakh, as well as Ganja, located near the border with Georgia and with opportunities for agricultural development, have been accepted as a center for the production of "smart city" technologies.