Our compatriot living in Canada won an international competition

Our compatriot Emin Mammadov, who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and who is engaged in a very unique work of our time - the art of weapons, took first place in the competition organized by UNESCO in Paris.
Our 41-year-old compatriot presented his handmade silver dagger to the competition. Emin Mammadov is an artist specializing in the making of cold steel - knives, daggers and swords. Our compatriot, whose first specialty was engineering, studied in Germany and received a doctorate. In 1994, he began to master the secrets of the art of silver and metalworking. He actively participates in international art exhibitions and competitions in various countries. The handicrafts of our compatriot, who tried to revive the ancient patterns and methods of traditional cold steel and silver ornaments, are kept in museums and private collections in Azerbaijan, Argentina, Israel and other countries.
He is the author of “The Azerbaijan armourer's art”, the result of several decades of comprehensive research in this field.