Representatives of "AzIz" met with ophthalmologist Yisha Falik

Representative of the “AzIz” Israel-Azerbaijan International Association Shaul Simon-Tov and Assistant to the President of “AzIz” Orkhan Rasulzade met with the head of the delegation of doctors, ophthalmologist Yishay Falik, who visited Azerbaijan to treat soldiers wounded in the Patriotic War.
On behalf of all Azerbaijanis living in Israel, they thanked the ophthalmologist. During the meeting, Falik said that at the initiative of prominent scientist Masud Ashina, a member of the Board of Trustees of the “YASHAT” Foundation, established by the order of President Ilham Aliyev, they decided to form a humanitarian delegation and visit Baku voluntarily.
"It's always nice for the Israelis to help their allies. It's voluntary work. We're very happy to do that. If these surgeries were performed in Israel, it would cost $ 800,000, excluding flight costs. But none of us received a dollar or Azerbaijani manats. We did this with a heart full of love for the brave soldiers, and we were happy to help. As a Jew and an Israeli, I felt that the Israelis support the humanitarian teams. It's great that these three cultures and three different religions - Christians, Muslims and Jews - work together to bring health to the world. "
Yishay Falik called Azerbaijanis one of the most hospitable peoples in the world. "No matter where we went, we were greeted with such a warm attitude that we felt at home. Now we feel like a family with Azerbaijani doctors - great ophthalmologists at the National Ophthalmology Center named after Academician Zarifa Aliyeva."