A program on the March 31 genocide was broadcast on YouTube

At the initiative of the Netherlands-Azerbaijan Turkish Cultural Association, a program on the March 31 genocide was broadcast on YouTube.
Historian Rufat Gurel was the guest of the program hosted by the chairman of the association Ilhan Ashkin. Detailed information was given
about the reasons for the genocide of March 31, 1918, the processes in the Caucasus, the resettlement of Armenians from Iran and Turkey to Azerbaijan to achieve their goals and objectives, the policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide against our people in order to expel Azerbaijanis from their ancient lands. "Terrible events took place. Even as a historian, it is very difficult for me to talk about it, "Gurel said.
The scientist said that various figures were said about those killed during the genocide, which began in Baku and continued in other parts of Azerbaijan, but according to his research, more than 100,000 peaceful and defenseless Azerbaijanis were killed with special cruelty during the massacre.
It was said that the Caucasus-Islamic army under the command of Nuru Pasha heroically saved the regions of Azerbaijan and Baku from the Armenians and the Bolsheviks, 1,100 people were martyred in these battles. Reminding that there are Turkish martyrs in 35 countries, the scientist said that 14 of them are in Azerbaijan.
It was noted that Azerbaijan sent weapons from Nakhchivan to protect Igdir from Armenian bandits and prevented Armenians from committing a great genocide against Igdirs in Turkey, but now the whole Turkic world is proud of the strength of the independent Azerbaijani army and its brilliant victory in Karabakh.

You can watch the program in more detail at the following link: