An exhibition dedicated to the victims of the March 31 genocide was organized in Hallandale, USA

An exhibition dedicated to the victims of the March 31 genocide was held in the Hallandale with the support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora and organized by the Florida Azerbaijani-American Cultural Association.
The open-air exhibition held in front of the Memorial Park featured posters and photographs with slogans such as "March 31 - Day of the Genocide of Azerbaijanis." President of the Florida Azerbaijani-American Cultural Association Tohfa Eminova informed local residents who interested in the exhibition about the terrible genocide committed by Bolshevik-Armenian armed groups against Azerbaijanis 103 years ago. She said that during the genocide, Armenians brutally killed tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis. It was noted that this tragedy was committed to her family too, and that Armenian armed groups killed her husband's grandparents during the massacre in Guba. It was noted that the Guba Genocide Memorial Complex has been erected in memory of tens of thousands of victims of the March 31 genocide.
Well-known political commentator, journalist Malik Ayyub Sumbal's book titled "Tovuz to Karabakh" about the Armenian occupation policy was distributed to the visitors. The book will be presented to local libraries in the city and the Holocaust Museum in the United States. T. Eminova thanked Mayor Joy F. Cooper for his support to the Azerbaijani community to inform the US public about the horrific crimes committed by Armenians in Azerbaijan.
The Florida Azerbaijani-American Cultural Association stated in a statement on the March 31 genocide that the massacre is one of the bloodiest pages in the history of our people. It was noted that the massacres committed by fascist-minded Armenian extremists and terrorists against Azerbaijanis in different forms at different times were premeditated and planned.
The goal was to draw off the Azerbaijanis from their ancient lands, to create a "Great Armenia" state in those territories, fabricated by Armenian historians.