World Azerbaijanis commemorated genocide victims

The State Committee on Work with Diaspora has organized an international video conference on "March 31 – Conveying the truth about the genocide of Azerbaijanis to the world community: legal and historical review."
The conference, attended by more than 150 compatriots from 48 countries, honored the memory of the victims and martyrs of the genocide, and a video on the genocide was demonstrated.
Chairman of the Committee Fuad Muradov began his speech with President Ilham Aliyevs’ words such as “Today's Armenian state was established in the historical lands of Azerbaijan. This is a historical fact " and spoke about the history of the genocide, the liberation of our lands occupied for 30 years, the activity and dedication of our diaspora in the information war during the 44-day war, and thanked our compatriots for their heroism in the information war.
In his speech, Deputy Speaker of the Milli Majlis, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Fazail Ibrahimli noted that every Azerbaijani who has been subjected to genocide for more than a hundred years has been avenged today, and their spirit is already happy.
Dean of the Faculty of Law of Baku State University, Doctor of Law, Professor Amir Aliyev gave detailed information about the events of March 31, 1918 and the Khojaly genocide and stressed that in order to achieve peace and stability in the world, the delivery of Armenian fascism to the international community is always actual and there is no history and time of international crimes.
There was an extensive exchange of views with Azerbaijani scientists, businessmen and representatives of the diaspora in various fields, who joined the conference from abroad and it was stressed once again that each of us must be politically, ideologically and scientifically prepared to silence the propaganda machine of the Armenians and their supporters, to prevent the hostile policy and provocations against our people.