Novruz festivity was organized in Zurich, Switzerland

Novruz festivity was organized for the children of Azerbaijani families in Zurich at the initiative of the “Friends of Azerbaijan” Association in Switzerland.
Arzu Aliyeva Bodmer, chairwoman of the Friends of Azerbaijan Union, said that members of the “Buta” dance group presented an art program dedicated to the arrival of spring. The festivity began with a dance composition dedicated to Karabakh, continued with the revival of the main heroes of the Novruz holiday, Bahar gizi, Kechal and Kosa, demonstration of the scene from Uzeyir Hajibeyli's operetta "Arshin mal alan" and a dance number.
Then the young dancers jumped over the symbolic bonfire and beat the colored eggs, one of the main attributes of Novruz.
The parents expressed their deep gratitude to the "Friends of Azerbaijan" Union, Anar Farajbeyli, Sona Aliyeva and Ramila Mehdiyeva for their great contribution to the organization, for giving Azerbaijani children a real Novruz mood and introducing them to our national culture.