Our national dances were demonstrated in Times Square in New York

A concert dedicated to Novruz was organized at the Times Square in New York at the initiative of Erjan Yerdalanli, chairman of the Azerbaijan-New York Association in the United States, and with the support of Alyona Badalova, director of the “My Way” Child Development Center.
The project served to introduce the traditions and national dances of Azerbaijan to the city community and tourists on the eve of Novruz holiday.
Dancers in national costumes of the "My Way" Child Development Center, which promotes Azerbaijani culture and art, performed several different dance compositions on the square for two hours. The successful performance of school dancers attracted the attention of residents and tourists passing by the square. Spectators watched the dances with interest, applauded the students and took photos and videos of them.
Activists of the Azerbaijan-New York Association informed foreigners on the square about our national traditions and invited them to painted egg battle. As well as, brochures with information about the Novruz holiday were distributed to local residents.