Novruz festivity was held in Houston, USA

The ancient Novruz holiday of our people was celebrated in Houston jointly organized by the Houston Azerbaijan School and the Azerbaijan-American Cultural Alliance.
It was stated at the festivity attended by Azerbaijani families that it is doubly important to preserve and promote our national traditions far from historical homeland. It was noted that Novruz announces the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature, and that on March 20, our people and Azerbaijanis living abroad celebrated their New Year - Novruz. It was noted that on the occasion of the holiday, samani is grown, eggs are dyed, sweets are prepared, bonfires are lit, people are reconciled, people come together and fun games are held.
Then a holiday bonfire was lit with the close participation of children, our compatriots performed yalli around the bonfire, jumped over the bonfire and wished the new year success to our people. Interesting and entertaining games for children were organized during the event.