Our compatriots call on Australian parliament to condemn racist and harmful rhetoric of Armenian diaspora

At the initiative of Azerbaijanis living in the Commonwealth of Australia, a petition No. 242441 entitled "National, ethnic and religious groups shall not bring their conflicts to Australia" was posted on the official website of the Australian Parliament from 17 March 2021.
The petition highlights the Azerbaijan realities. It was noted that, Armenia occupied the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and 7 adjacent regions for nearly 30 years, UN has issued four resolutions condemning the occupation, Armenia has pursued a terrible ethnic cleansing and aggressive policy against Azerbaijanis, about a million Azerbaijanis expelled from their homes by Armenia, Azerbaijan restored its territorial integrity as a result of an anti-terrorist operation last year, and Russian peacekeepers are currently monitoring the ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Our compatriots called on the parliament to condemn the racist, harmful and discriminatory political rhetoric that the national ethnic group is trying to bring up, which contradicts Australia's political position and provokes protests.
It was the unacceptable actions of the Armenians in Sydney and Melbourne that forced our compatriots to take this step.
The Armenian diaspora, which can not digest the brilliant victory of Azerbaijan appealed to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Federal Parliament), Foreign Minister Marys Payne and Head of Staff of Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a letter recognizing the so-called illegal organization operating in Karabakh. According to the information on Facebook page of the Armenian National Committee in Australia, John Alexander and Tim Wilson, members of the Australian Parliament and the Armenian Friendship Group, personally presented the letter to the Prime Minister.
As well as, the Armenian diaspora has presented a petition for the recognition of Artsakh in the international arena.

Petition No. EN2441 is available in more detail at the following link: