“AzIz” has dedicated a literary-artistic video program to the Novruz holiday

A literary-artistic video program "Peace to Karabakh" dedicated to Novruz holiday was presented by the Azerbaijan Cultural Center under the Israel-Azerbaijan International Association "AzIz".
The program was opened by the speech of the director of the Cultural Center Yegana Salman, who congratulated our people on the ancient Novruz holiday. She said that the participants of the program dedicate their performances to our brave sons who gave their lives for the liberation of Azerbaijani lands from Armenian occupiers and the restoration of the territorial integrity of our country. "Azerbaijan remembers its loved ones who did not return from the battlefield on the first Novruz holiday for its traditions" Yegana Salman said.
People's Artists of Azerbaijan Dina Tumarkina, Ayan Mirgasimova, opera singers Kamelia Yoffe, Miriam Hajiyeva, kamancha player Salman Rabayev, violinist Olga Yablonko, singers Alexander Avdalimov, Sarit Yosef, Farid Aloni, Zarifa Alkhazova, Liora Safanar, Manuel Isakhov, singer-composers Mikhail Bendikov, Rami Nesher, a representative of the Jewish community of Abyssinia Uriel Elsa and his master Bella Carmel, clarinetist Vugar Sultanov, musicians of the ethno-group "Golden Rose" performed at the event.
The program included poems by prominent Azerbaijani poet Samad Vurgun, a poem dedicated to Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev and Azerbaijani soldiers by a member of the Israeli Writers 'Union, honorary member of the Azerbaijani Writers' Union Mikhail Salman, and Azerbaijani folk and composer songs.
Each participant of the event addressed the families of the martyrs of the Patriotic War from different nationalities, thanked them for raising heroic children and expressed that, they bow to the memory of each of them. The performers wished the wounded veterans a speedy recovery, return to normal life, the establishment of lasting peace in the Karabakh region and the prosperity of Azerbaijan.
The literary-artistic program can be watched from the following link: