The contribution of the Diaspora network to society was discussed

A video conference dedicated to GUAM countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova) was organized by the European Union's Global Diaspora Center.
Azerbaijan was represented at the conference attended by representatives of the GUAM diaspora, the European Union, the European Commission and the International Center for Migration Development Policy by Tural Aliyev, a representative of our diaspora in Switzerland and a doctoral student at the University of Geneva.
Speaking on "Diaspora –beyond the traditional meaning: Network for accelerating change" Tural Aliyev said that the current global agenda is climate change, inculcation of sustainable development goals, environmental protection, sustainable development, efficient use of renewable energy and water resources. Representatives of the diaspora bring a kind of change to societies with new rules of thought and behavior, play an important role in the transmission of information between the countries and historical homelands, strengthening friendly relations between peoples.
The speaker noted that Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea basin are not beyond the challenges of the world and the region. The number of people serving global value and the common goal is growing every year, and it is possible to take the network to a new level by involving people in the diaspora movement, regardless of the region.
It should be noted that, speaking at the opening of the conference, the representative of the European Commission said that the European Union sees the diaspora as a network that can change society, instill sustainability and contribute to climate change.