A video conference dedicated to the first female pilots was organized

With the support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, with the organization of "AzIz" Israel-Azerbaijan International Association and the Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy an international video conference titled "Heroes of Heaven" dedicated to the first women pilots of different countries on March 8 - International Women's Day was held.
The moderator of the conference, Yegana Salman, director of the Azerbaijan Cultural Center under the “AzIz” Israel-Azerbaijan International Association, congratulated the participants on March 8 and spoke about the first female pilots of military and transport aviation and their contribution to victory in World War II.
Rubaba Abiyeva, representing the National Aviation Academy and the Azerbaijan Aviation Museum, Sabina Estrova, Amirkhan Eyyubov, Leyla and Khanlar Mammadbeyov, teachers of the Academy, Rena Fel (Mirgasimova), Ruhi Kaykayoglu, author of the Trizomania project from Istanbul, military equipment specialist, writer, journalist from Israel Alexander Shulman, historian and publicist Yakov Basin, artist Larisa Lvovskaya and head of AzIz's Jerusalem branch Alexander Agranovsky spoke at the event.
They provided detailed information on the history and development of aviation in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Israel and Russia, Azerbaijan's first female pilots Leyla Mammadbayova, Sona Nuriyeva, Zuleykha Seyidmammadova, the "iron lady" of the Azerbaijani sky Irada Baghirova, Turkey's first female pilot Sebiha Gokcen, the first female pilot in the Israeli Air Force Yael Rom-Finkelstein, Jewish Soviet heroine Polina Gelman. It was noted that in modern times, women's interest in aviation is growing and they work in various professions in this field.

The video conference can be watched at the following link: