There was an exchange of views on " Khojaly -the wound of the Caucasus - new horizons of peace and development"

Discussions on "Khojaly –the wound of Caucasus- new horizons of peace and development" were organized by the “Nodo di Gordio” think tank in Italy.
The event was attended by the head of the center Daniele Lazzeri, writer Andrea Marchiliano, former ambassador Carlo Marsili, professor of Eastern European history at Sapienza University Fabio Grassi, board member of the Azerbaijan-Italy Youth Association Maryam Mehdiyeva. Moderator Daniele Lazzeri, who began the video discussions with information about the events in Khojaly, described the massacre as an event that has not slackened in the region for nearly 30 years, and has fueled hatred and revenge. He said that in order to normalize the situation in the region, the parties must restore peaceful coexistence.
Speaking during the discussions, A.Marchiliano, K.Marsili, F.Grassi and M.Mehdiyeva drew attention to the massacres by Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh before this genocide, and assessed the Khojaly tragedy as one of the main reasons for straining relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia. It was stressed that the sharing of more information and data on the Khojaly genocide will create a basis for impartial thinking about what happened, and noted that the conflict ended with the return of Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijani control at the end of last year.
It was noted that Azerbaijan's position in Italy is very well understood. " I hope for a lasting solution to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and we will even do everything possible to show our political support," said former ambassador Carlo Marsili.