International Mother Language Day was celebrated in Azerbaijani schools in Canada


Online classes dedicated to February 21 - International Mother Language Day were held in Azerbaijani language schools in Canada. At the initiative of Vusala Ahmadova and Yegana Jafarova who have been teaching Azerbaijani language in Canada for many years, students were given detailed information about the International Mother Language Day at the “Azerbaijani Language Class” in Toronto and the “Karabakh Azerbaijani Language School” in Ottawa. The importance of the Azerbaijani language, our native language, was discussed, and it was noted that every Azerbaijani has a duty to protect and develop it. Yegana Jafarova's students conveyed their congratulations by reciting the poem "Ana dilim" written by the famous Azerbaijani poet Tofig Bayram.
It should be noted that, our native language is taught to children of Azerbaijani families living in the city and surrounding areas at the "Azerbaijani language class" in Toronto and the "Karabakh Azerbaijani language school" in Ottawa.