An online roundtable on "Let's remember the Khojaly genocide" was held

An online roundtable on "Let's remember the Khojaly genocide" was organized by journalist Marzia Rahman Mumu, an employee of Bangladesh's Samoy TV.
The event was moderated by Barrister Tureen Afroz, former prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of Bangladesh, Javier Medina Ortiz, member of the Barcelona Bar Association, Marhamat Hasanzade, close relative of Azerbaijani National Hero Fuzuli Rustamov, Khojaly resident, Leyla Garayeva, member of the Azerbaijan Diaspora Youth Network,coordinator of  Azerbaijan Diaspora Youth Platform on Indonesia participated at the event.
At the beginning of the event, Ms. Afroz expressed her deep condolences to the victims of Khojaly and their families, calling the events of 29 years ago a disgrace to human history and humanity. Noting that the Geneva Convention was grossly violated during the massacre and was a criminal fact, the Bangladeshi speaker stressed the need to demand justice for Khojaly.
H.M. Ortiz spoke about the activities carried out in Spain, especially in Barcelona, to promote this tragedy. He noted that Armenians are trying to confuse the local community with various fabrications by portraying themselves as victims and Azerbaijan as an occupier. However, despite the strong efforts of the Armenian lobby in Catalonia, the local community has always defended the just position of Azerbaijan. In the end, the Spanish lawyer congratulated our people on their victory in the 44-day Patriotic War.
Marhamat Hasanzade spoke about the terrible crimes in Khojaly, the heroic death of her uncle, and Garayeva said that this brutal crime was planned and carried out by Armenian military units and terrorist groups.
They called the world community and the international community not to remain indifferent, and called to support  the demand "Justice for Khojaly!".