A new association took action in Zurich

“Buta” dance group has been launched in Zurich, Switzerland, to promote our national dances and promote the cultural heritage of our people.
The association started operating with the support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora was established under the "Friends of Azerbaijan" Union. The choreographer of the association for children aged 5-16 is Sonakhanim Aliyeva, a former soloist of the Azerbaijan State Dance Ensemble.
Our compatriots living in Switzerland welcomed the activities of the club, which began in February, with great joy and interest. Therefore, children living not only in Zurich, but also in different cities of Switzerland joined the dance group. During the lessons that will be held weekends, Azerbaijani children will be taught dances that reflect our history and national traditions, as well as the features of this art.
The association also plans to organize dance classes for adults. Due to the pandemic, classes for adults will begin in the spring.