The book, published in Strasbourg, is on the world's leading sales platforms

With the support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, the book "Will he come?" by Azerbaijani author Nadir Adilman (Nadir Adilov) was published in French. The book, published by the Strasbourg-based “Kapaz” publishing house, is sold in bookstores in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as in all Amazon stores. This is the first large-scale sale of a book by an Azerbaijani author.
The book " Will he come?" gives detailed information about the multicultural values of our country, the peaceful coexistence of people of different nationalities in Azerbaijan, as well as the rich spiritual and moral values of our people. The large-scale distribution of the book is important in terms of promotion of our country.

Here are some of the book sales links:
1. https://www.librel.be/listeliv.php?base=allbooks&mots_recherche=kapaz&fbclid=IwAR24NvdRl1V2-Grd0oCrKnKdWQtTNFKjG7RmqmtFksuGb1csnToS2FlQhV8
3. https://www.payot.ch/Dynamics/Result?acs=a2FwYXo%3D&c=0&rawSearch=kapaz&fbclid=IwAR3zTh8VhkjvAEyqeCWUsg3sY9rhek1XNJGzufrZOqFemy_POyvsAFdCG6M
4. https://www.amazon.fr/Est-ce-qu-elle-viendra-Nadir-ADILMAN/dp/2492157040
5. https://www.decitre.fr/livre-pod/est-ce-qu-elle-viendra-9782492157042.html
6. https://www.amazon.de/Est-ce-qu-elle-viendra-Nadir-Adilman/dp/2492157040
7. https://www.amazon.se/Est-ce-qu-elle-viendra-Nadir-ADILMAN/dp/2492157040
8. https://www.amazon.it/Est-ce-quelle-viendra-Nadir-Adilman/dp/2492157040
9. https://www.amazon.es/Est-Ce-Elle-Viendra-Adilman-Nadir/dp/2492157040

It should be noted that “Kapaz” publishing house publishes works of writers from Azerbaijan and Central Asia in French. Among the published books are Azerbaijani writers Sharif Aghayar's "The city after dreams", Reyhan Hasanova's "Three apples fell from the sky", Mubariz Oren's "Sodomor" and Suleyman Sani Akhundov's "Gypsy Girl".