A round table on "The commemoration of Khojaly and the future of the South Caucasus" was held

The Caucasus Journalists Network and Timberwolf Phoenix LLC jointly organized an online roundtable on "Commemoration of Khojaly and the future of the South Caucasus."
The event, commemorating the victims of the Khojaly genocide with a minute of silence, was moderated by Irina Tsukerman, Vice President of Timberwolf Phoenix LLC. Yasemen Hasanova, Khojaly resident, daughter of National Hero of Azerbaijan Tofig Huseynov, Reno Trombetta, former political adviser of European Parliament, Raoul Loveri Contrerars, political commentator and writer, Javier Medina Ortiz, Barcelona Bar Association member, Arzu Jaeed, member of the Azerbaijan Diaspora Youth Network, independent journalist attended the event.
Yasemen Hasanova, who escaped from Khojaly, but both her parents and close relatives were killed in Khojaly, said that she was 12 years old at the time of the Khojaly tragedy and she could not forget that bloody night. Yasemen Hasanova, who found out 16 years later that her mother had been killed that night, said she was glad she had not been captured by Armenian criminals. Rino Trombetta, a former political adviser of the European Parliament, described the actions of the Armenians in the Khojaly massacre as a complete violation of all treaties and conventions drafted after World War II.
Raul Loveri spoke about his book "Crime in the Mountains", published in 2016, about the destruction of the small town of Khojaly, which has a population of 7,000, how unarmed civilians tried to escape through the corridor to escape and the atrocities committed against them by the Armenian army.
Lawyer Javier Medina said that those who wanted to create a split in Catalonia issue in Spain had the same problems as the Armenians who applied to the USSR to leave Azerbaijan at that time. He said the goals of the Catalans and Armenians were separatism.
Arzu Jaeed spoke about the story of a five-year-old girl who told her father to kill her first, then her mother, and then hirself when she saw the tragedy approaching. She could not hide her surprise at how a young child could be forced into such thoughts.
Reminding that Khojaly is one of the important strategic settlements of Karabakh, an integral part of Azerbaijan, the speakers noted that the crime committed by Armenian armed forces against ethnic Azerbaijanis in the city on the night of February 25-26, 1992 was one of the most brutal events in human history. The participants of the round table expressed their support for the just and fair position of our people, and said that during their visits to Azerbaijan they saw with their own eyes that our country has ancient, multicultural, tolerant and modern values.