The head of the Fund has been appointed to a high position in Turkey

Azerbaijani professor living in Turkey Aygun Attar has been appointed a member of the Security and Foreign Policy Council of the Turkish Presidential Administration.
Professor Aygun Attar, who is actively involved in diaspora work as well as continuous scientific work, is the head of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship, Cooperation and Solidarity Foundation, which was re-established in 2019 at the initiative and organization of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora and provided material and organizational support to the Azerbaijan House.
It should be noted that Aygun Attar, born in 1962 in Gubadli region, has been living in Turkey since the mid-1990s and is a Turkish citizen. In 2012-2016, she was the rector of Giresun University in Turkey.
The professor, who works to promote the history and culture of Azerbaijan, is the author of many articles dedicated to the genocides committed by Armenians against Azerbaijani and Anatolian Turks.
As the leadership and staff of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, we congratulate our compatriot and wish her success in her future endeavors.