The сorpses of 14 Azerbaijanis who died abroad in 2020 have been brought to Motherland

The State Committee on Work with Diaspora has always been sensitive to bring of corpses of compatriots who died in foreign countries for various reasons to Azerbaijan.
Every appeal received by the State Committee on bringing of corpses, both from diaspora organizations and relatives of the deceased, is promptly answered.
In 2020, the State Committee and diaspora organizations in different countries were closely involved in bringing the bodies of 14 Azerbaijanis who died abroad to the country and handing them over to their families. The State Committee on Work with Diaspora, as well as many diaspora organizations, have provided possible support for the bringing of our compatriots who died in the United States, Cuba, Poland, Belgium, France and Russia and undertook to pay the necessary funding.
It should be noted that the delivery of corpses to the country does not end with the payment of certain funds, but also the organizing of the arrival of those who bring the corpses to the country, negotiations with relevant agencies, etc. is an integral part of the process.
The State Committee has taken all necessary steps to bring dozens of our compatriots to Azerbaijan as soon as possible without any difficulties.