The Netherlands parliament is required to give a legal assessment to the January 20 tragedy

The Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis in the Netherlands and Belgium has appealed to members of the Netherlands parliament to give an international legal assessment to the January 20 tragedy.
The appeal brought to the attention of Netherlands deputies that on the night of 19-20, 1990, on the instructions of the USSR leadership, Soviet troops committed an unprecedented act of terrorism against our people, violating Azerbaijan's sovereignty and international conventions. It was recalled that the Soviet leadership sent Soviet troops to Baku and a number of regions of Azerbaijan to suppress the democratic and national liberation movement of our people, 146 people were killed, 744 people were wounded, 841 people were detained illegally, 100 people were missing.
Our compatriots said that despite the fact that 31 years have passed since the bloody events, former Soviet leaders, including Mikhail Gorbachev, who gave the order, have not yet been brought to justice and the January 20 tragedy has not been assessed in accordance with international law.
"We appeal to you on behalf of the 30,000 Azerbaijani community in the Netherlands. "We want a legal assessment of this bloody crime, the arrest of those responsible and perpetrators, and their punishment by the court," the petitioners said.