A webinar entitled "Reza Deghati, today's witness, memories on Azerbaijan" was held

A webinar dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the January 20 tragedy was organized by the Scientific Association "Alim" operating in France and the France-Azerbaijan Dialogue Association.
Representatives of the Azerbaijani community and the French community took part in the webinar held on "Reza Deghati, today's witness, memories on Azerbaijan."
Reza Deghati, a French photographer of Azerbaijani origin, said that he went to Baku during the events of January 20 and recorded what he saw in the Azerbaijani capital. Our compatriot, who returned to France a few days later, disseminated these photos through foreign media and brought the horrors in Baku to the attention of the world community. The photographer told the story of each photo he presented, as well as the photos he took during the first and second Karabakh wars.
The event was broadcast live on Facebook and was watched by thousands of users.