A letter campaign has been launched in the United States related to the January 20 tragedy

The United States Azerbaijanis Network (USAN) operating in the USA has launched a letter campaign dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the January 20 tragedy.
The letter provides detailed information on the causes of the Black January tragedy, the inhumane war crimes committed by the USSR leadership against our people, led by Mikhail Gorbachev. It is stated the Baku tragedy is reminiscent of the events in Budapest (1956) and Prague (1968).
USAN reminded that during that hard and difficult period, our compatriots came together and fought for the freedom and independence of our country. The Network called on Azerbaijanis living in the United States and other countries to be active in delivering the truth of January 20 to the world community, and to send photos, materials and letters related to the tragedy to officials and local media via the link below. https://www.votervoice.net/mobile/AZERI/Campaigns/79417/Respond