The tragedy of January 20 was discussed in Rome

An online commemoration ceremony dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the January 20 tragedy was held at the initiative of the Azerbaijani-Italian Union in Italy.
The webinar, moderated by Nazrin Rajabova, an employee of the International Relations Department of the Azerbaijan-Italy Union, began with a minute of silence in memory of our martyrs who died for the independence and territorial integrity of our country.
The event was attended by Azerbaijani Ambassador to Italy Mammad Ahmadzade, professor and researcher-scientist of the University of Rome Sapienza Daniel Pommier, journalist-analyst Domenico Letizia, Vice-President of the Azerbaijan-Italy Union Giuseppe Canilla. They spoke in detail about the political processes leading to the January 20 tragedy, the double standards against Azerbaijan, the killing and wounding of innocent Azerbaijanis by Soviet troops, the exceptional services of national leader Heydar Aliyev in bringing this terrible crime to the attention of the world community. It was noted that the tragedy of January 20, which was written as a heroic page in the history of Azerbaijan, also led to the strengthening of our people's determination for independence and the establishment of state independence in a short time.
Then a documentary film dedicated to Black January was shown. The event was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Azerbaijan-Italy Union.