Research on Nizami Ganjavi's legacy will be conducted in Egyptian libraries

The study of new manuscripts related to the legacy of the great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi will continue in Egyptian libraries.
This statement came from Seymur Nasirov, chairman of the “Vatanparvar” Union of Azerbaijani Diaspora Organizations in Egypt, professor and researcher at Cairo University. He said that as a result of research, in 2015, Nizami Ganjavi's "Khamsa" consisting of six manuscripts was found in the "Egyptian Book House", one of the richest libraries in the world. As well as, the works of many Arab scholars mention Nizami Ganjavi, a brilliant representative of the Eastern Renaissance, a great Azerbaijani poet and thinker, and his hometown of Ganja.
The researcher-scientist noted that during the research, several sources show that Arab poets were also inspired by Nizami, and there is a need for more promotion in the Arab world that Nizami, who wrote in Persian, was an Azerbaijani poet.
"The language in which a poet's works are written cannot be an indicator of his nationality. While conducting researches on Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis in Arabic sources, I came across the names of hundreds of Azerbaijani scholars. They wrote all their works only in Arabic. "Arab scholars unequivocally accept that they are Azerbaijanis," Mr. Nasirov said.
He said that those who want to get information on this topic in detail can refer to the book "Life and work of Azerbaijanis in Arabic sources", published in Arabic with the support of the Azerbaijani Embassy to Egypt. This book presents materials about one hundred Azerbaijani scientists and writers collected from about five hundred different Arab sources.