A video conference was held with Azerbaijani children in Oslo

A video conference was held at the weekend Azerbaijani Language School named after Nizami Ganjavi in Oslo on "Let's protect our mother language!" and "Motherland calls us!". The event was held in order to make schoolchildren love our native language and strengthen the feeling of patriotism.
The event, organized by the Oslo Azerbaijani House and the Norwegian Azerbaijani Youth Organization (NAYO), was attended by talented Azerbaijani writers Zaur Ustag and Eluja Atali, composer Sevinj Tofigqizi, actress of the Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theater Rada Nasibova and actor Rashad Kasamanli.
Speakers at the event expressed their views on the issues such as
the history of the Azerbaijani language, the organization of the educational process in Europe and Azerbaijan, patriotism, performances in Azerbaijan, etc. In the artistic part of the event, Sevinj Tofigqizi sang a lyrical song on the piano, Rada Nasibova sang a children's fairy tale "Tik-tik", Rashad Kasamanli recited a poem from the poetry of his father, the unforgettable poet Nusrat Kasamanli. Students interacted with the guests, recited poems, and answered questions and riddles. Students who found the correct answer were presented with books.
Students and parents thanked the guests and wished such meetings to continue.