Martyrs of the Patriotic War were commemorated in Sweden

Our compatriots living in Sweden came together in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Sweden on the occasion of December 31 - the Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis.
The commemoration ceremony dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of the Patriotic War began with the National Anthem of Azerbaijan. During the event, posters with slogans such as "2783 martyrs ... 10 million wounded", "Long live the Motherland!", "We are obliged to our martyrs for life!" and flowers of the "Khari Bulbul" were displayed in front of the embassy, flowers were laid and candles were lit.
The participants of the event, holding the flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey, expressed their condolences to our heroes who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our lands from Armenian occupation and the restoration of our country's territorial integrity and chanted slogan "Martyrs will not die, the homeland will not be divided!"
The ceremony ended with prayers for the souls of our martyrs.