Our compatriots in Switzerland wrote a letter of thanks to the Azerbaijani soldiers

“Friends of Azerbaijan” Union, operating in Basel, Switzerland, supported our people and our army by holding various actions during the 44-day war.
Chairwoman of the Union Arzu Aliyeva said: “One of the actions was to write a letter to the soldiers and officers of the Azerbaijani army within the" Letter to the Soldier "campaign launched by "ASAN Service ". Our compatriots living in Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Bern and Basel, Switzerland, wrote letters to our brave sons, who faced the enemy in the trenches, sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our lands from Armenian occupation and the restoration of our country's territorial integrity, expressed their love and gratitude to them, emphasizing that they always think about the soldiers ”.
Azerbaijani children participating in the action expressed their love for our soldiers with various paintings. Our soldiers, who got the letters, thanked our compatriots in Switzerland.