Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations continue their benevolent missions

Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations, which conveyed the fair and just position of our country to the world community during the 44-day war, demonstrated great unity and solidarity against the Armenian lobby and pro-Armenian forces, continue their benevolent missions.
One of such organizations is the Belgium-Azerbaijan Friendship Society. This year alone, 120 shoes and 223 winter clothes were sent to schoolchildren of a group of refugee and IDP families in Azerbaijan, as well as food aid was provided to 110 low-income families with the organization of chairman of the society Ayhan Demirchi and the former chairman of the Ghent Turkish Hearths Rejep Tunjer Sari.
Students of Turkish origin from the University of Ghent in Belgium organized a charity event on the occasion of the Victory of Azerbaijan. Zeynab Yilmaz, one of the organizers of the action, said that the sweets baked by the students were sold for charity, and 55 sheep’s meat were distributed among the people who suffered from the war in Azerbaijan, as well as low-income families and other vulnerable groups.
"Our goal in holding this action is to let our Azerbaijani brothers know that we are with them. The victory of Azerbaijan is a victory that all Turks are proud of. The liberation of Azerbaijani lands is a historic victory, and has united the Turks even more. We also plan to visit our liberated lands in the near future" Z. Yilmaz added.
Zeynab Yilmaz said they intend to continue these campaigns. Next month, on behalf of Belgian students, gift packages consisting of school supplies will be sent to 100 students in Azerbaijan.
It should be noted that Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora organizations operating in Belgium periodically implement social projects and organize various charity events for Azerbaijan.