One of the avenues in Ankara was called Azerbaijan

By the decision of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, the avenue in the Chaldiran estated of the Kechioren district of the capital was named Azerbaijan.
This measure was initiated by the Turkish-Azerbaijani Association (TURKAZDER) and proposed by Alparslan Doghan, a member of the Ankara Metropolitan and Kehioren Municipalities from the Nationalist Movement Party.
It was stated in the official appeal to the municipalities that the goal is to perpetuate the name of brotherly Azerbaijan, which won a great victory in Karabakh in the capital Ankara. Residents of the city welcomed the naming of the avenue in the Chaldiran estates of the Kechioren district, where Azerbaijani Turks live compactly, in honor of Azerbaijan.
It should be noted that till now a number of streets in Ankara have been named Karabakh, Nakhchivan, Garagoyunlu, Aghgoyunlu, and one of the avenues has been named Khojaly.