200 billboards about Karabakh realities have been installed in Oslo

At the initiative of the Azerbaijani-Norwegian diaspora organization “CAN” and with the support of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, 200 billboards about Karabakh realities were installed in the central streets of Oslo.
The project was implemented to draw the attention of the local community to the Karabakh realities and the Patriotic War. The project has sent messages to civil society about the possibility of working together to build a secure future for Azerbaijan in Karabakh, to make joint efforts to comply with the peace agreement, to carry out joint humanitarian actions in the territories of Azerbaijan.
The authors of the project also called on the world community to pay attention to the war crimes committed by Armenia against Azerbaijanis.
Among the photos placed on the billboards were photos taken by the famous photographer Reza Deghati from the first and second Karabakh wars.