A project reflecting our glorious victory has been implemented in the state of Maine

A project reflecting Azerbaijan's historic victory in the Patriotic War has been implemented in the US state of Maine.
The project was initiated by the head of the Azerbaijani community in Maine Tarlan Ahmadov and supported by the State Committee on Work with Diaspora.
During the campaign which will last a week, a special car with digital posters reflecting Azerbaijan's historical monuments, state attributes, rich cultural samples, the beauties of Baku and Karabakh realities will travel to different cities of the state to attract the attention of residents. Messages such as "Azerbaijan cares about diversity of beliefs", "Beauty, culture, history and traditions are close in Azerbaijan", "Fill your heart with love and peace for Azerbaijan", as well as a description of the flower "Khari Bulbul" and "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" slogan was reflected on the background of various pictures on the electronic board.
The head of the Azerbaijani community in Maine Tarlan Ahmadov said that the implementation of the project during Christmas and New Year's Eve, which is of great importance for Americans, is not accidental: "In the last days of the year, jobs and schools are closed, people spend more time on the streets. On electronic boards we want to show everyone the beauty, culture, history of Azerbaijan and we want to demonstrate that the people of different religions live together in peace and security. "