A diaspora activist living in Spain gave an interview to local media

Spanish media published an article about the events in Nagorno-Karabakh after the end of the Patriotic War.
In an interview with the country's news portal www.tuvozenpinares.com, Azerbaijani community activist Jamil Guliyev said that after the November 10 trilateral peace declaration, Azerbaijan has restored its territorial integrity. In order to prevent the provocations committed by the Armenian armed groups in the forest area in the north-western part of the city of Hadrut in the Khojavend region, the Azerbaijani side was forced to conduct an anti-terrorist operation and create conditions for their expulsion. The peacekeeping forces of the Russian Federation also performed their duties responsibly and at a high level in order to maintain the ceasefire and evacuate the so-called "missing" Armenian servicemen. Therefore, the baseless accusations of some Armenian leaders and the Armenian media against the Russian peacekeepers and the Azerbaijani side for such cases are untrue and unacceptable.
J. Guliyev, a specialist in the field of tourism, noted that such provocations hinder the restoration of normal life and tourism in the region. Because, now the Azerbaijani state is preparing to carry out large-scale work to rebuild the cities destroyed by Armenian vandalism. After the completion of security measures and infrastructure work, we can talk about reviving the tourism potential of the region.

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