Our compatriots in Russia stand by our state: 1.6 million manat was provided in 44 days

Our compatriots living abroad continue to carry out campaigns in support of our state, our army, the families of our martyrs who died heroically in the 44-day war, and our wounded servicemen.
As in other countries, our compatriots living in Russia are particularly active in this work. Our compatriots have provided assistance to the families of martyrs and veterans through the Fund for Support to Azerbaijani Diaspora and the Armed Forces Assistance Fund, as well as directly. Only during the 44-day war, our compatriots living in Russia supported our country in the amount of 1.6 million manat (in various currencies: 1,470,779.74 AZN, 5,492 US dollars, 5,046,764 rubles).
In addition, at the initiative of our compatriots, 2 Dermatom surgical devices and a set of its spare parts, 92 Ilizarov devices were sent from Russia to Azerbaijan for our wounded and disabled veterans. 566 wheelchairs by our compatriots living in Russia will be delivered to Baku in the coming days.
It should be noted that our compatriots living abroad, whose hearts are always beating with their historical homeland, demonstrated to the world the strong activity, unparalleled unity and solidarity of the Azerbaijani diaspora during the 44-day Patriotic War. Our diaspora, operating in a systematic and organized manner, has once again unequivocally stated its support for the Azerbaijani state to the world community.
The State Committee on Work with Diaspora expresses its gratitude to our compatriots for the unity and organization they have demonstrated, and for the material and technical support they have provided to our state.