Media of Greece published an article about the crimes committed by Armenians

The Greek news portal www.karfitsa.gr published an article entitled "Armenia commits crimes against humanity in Karabakh."
The article, written by Rashid Mammadov, chairman of the “Gala” Greece-Azerbaijan Friendship Society provides detailed information about the war and environmental crimes committed by Armenia in the territories of Azerbaijan during the 44-day Patriotic War. "... Armenians were burning houses and shooting cattle. At the same time, they were committing environmental terrorism by destroying trees and causing significant damage to nature.
All this happened in front of the eyes of the world media. In general, Aghdam, Fizuli, Jabrayil and other liberated cities were completely destroyed by Armenians, "he said.
Stressing that the past and present leadership of Armenia is responsible for crimes against humanity, the author called on the international community and foreign media not to remain indifferent to these facts.
The article can be read in more detail at the following link: https://www.karfitsa.gr