The Netherlands media covered the views of our chess player compatriot

The Netherlands’ newspaper “AD” got acquainted with the views of Azerbaijani grandmaster Nargiz Umudova on the series "King's Gambit", which has gained a high rating in recent months.
Nargiz Umudova-Burg, an active member of the Azerbaijani diaspora living in the Netherlands, said that the series "King's Gambit" is a simple story, although it is beautiful and attractive. This can be attractive only for beginners to chess. Our compatriot based her opinion on the fact that chess requires strict rules and a lot of preparation. At the same time, our compatriot said that she is against the gender issue in chess.
The newspaper reports that, Nargiz Umudova, who is married to Dutch grandmaster Twan Burg, has been playing chess since she was a child, but as a chess star, she has never been discriminated against in this sport.
"Everyone in Azerbaijan learns to play chess at school. "I have always heard the word 'WoW', not hatred, when I beat boys in tournaments," our compatriot said in an interview with the newspaper.
It was noted that Nargiz Umudoa-Burg teach children the secrets of this sport at the Bosch HMC chess club in the Netherlands, as well as in her homeland.
It was noted that Umudova and Burg got to know each other through chess. They prepare for the tournaments in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany together and help each other.