Israeli political scientist: "Patriotic war united Azerbaijani diaspora"

Israeli political scientist Yuri Bocharov wrote about the unification of our diaspora as a fist to support the state and the army during the 44-day Patriotic War for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
The author says in the article entitled "War in the Caucasus united the Azerbaijani diaspora" that people took to the streets without fear of a pandemic to show their support for Azerbaijan and its heroic army, and hundreds of articles, discussions and appeals from representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora were posted on social networks”.
Focusing on the activity of the Azerbaijani community in Israel, Bocharov writes that only in Israel under the leadership of "AzIz" were held several mass rallies and demonstrations: “Israel was in the same trench with Azerbaijan, which was attacked by Armenians and their supporters. In those days, we gave them a worthy response by publishing articles about our solidarity with Azerbaijan in this war. Members of AzIz alone have published more than 200 articles reflecting Azerbaijan's just struggle. In addition, Israel is one of the first countries to send aid to Azerbaijani soldiers and provide financial support to various foundations.
Emphasizing that love for the motherland unites diaspora organizations, which at other times competed with each other, the author recalled that during the war, “May Way” in the United States, “Natavan” in the Czech Republic, Coordination Councils in Germany, Ukraine and other countries organized solidarity rallies.
At the end of the article, Y. Bocharov writes that most of the emigrants from Azerbaijan are ready to take part in the restoration of our liberated territories as experienced specialists.
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