“AzIz” Israel-Azerbaijan International Association reported on its publishing activities

“AzIz” Israel-Azerbaijan International Association has summed up its publishing activities on 2020.
According to “AzIz”, among the books published in Israel are "Karabakh Stories" by Azerbaijani writer-publicist Gunel Anargizi, "Karabakh shikastasi" by Leyla Beyim, a writer and playwright living in the Czech Republic, "My World", "The mysterious fate of the general", "Preservation of the memory of the Holocaust in the post-Soviet space" dedicated to the heroic defender of Baku, Major-General Mammadbaghir Hadi oglu Bahgirov by Basti Galbinur (Batsion Abramova), a member of the Federation of Writers of Israel and an honorary member of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan, "On Simple and Eternal Things", works about the Juuri language of mountain Jews by Israeli poet and prose Semyon Gavrilov, and a collection of poems written by Mikhail Gavrilov, a well-known figure of the Mountain Jews community in the Juuri language. The books were published in Azerbaijani, Russian and Hebrew.
It was noted that presentation ceremonies of Gunel Anargizi's "Karabakh Stories" and Leyla Beyim's "Karabakh shikastasi" were held at the Russian Library in Jerusalem, the Jewish Museum in Moscow and the Center for Tolerance. At the commemoration held in the Presidential Forest in Israel ceremony dedicated to Khojaly, the authors read excerpts from their books. Extensive information about these events was published on various local and foreign news sites.