The film made by our young compatriot was successful again

The short documentary "Ghost Bikes" by our compatriot Maltam Sadigova, who lives in California, USA, won the first place in the nomination "Best Socially Impressive Film" at the traditional student film festival in Los Angeles. 200 films were submitted to the competition organized by the Latin American Cinema Society. Maltam Sadigova wrote, shot and edited the script of her film at the age of 16. The annual competition, organized by the society, encourages young people and students in the Los Angeles to make films and provides screenings of short films.
Due to restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic, Ghost Bikes will be demonstrated online on December 18 (https://www.lacla.org/sff2020). Then the jury will explain the reason for choosing the film.
Fortunately, this is the second award that the film has gained. In May 2020, the film won the title of "Best Film" in the "Power of Goodness" category at the student film competition of University of Notre Dame of America.
It should be noted that our talented young compatriot Maltam Sadigova is the daughter of Farida Sadigova-Buyuran, the author of the book "Pomegranate and saffron: a culinary journey to Azerbaijan."
As the staff of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, we congratulate our young compatriot and wish him new achievements in his future endeavors.