Chairwoman of the Azerbaijani House: The approach of Paris to the occupation factor is illogical and incomprehensible

The French news portal www.atlantico.fr published an article entitled "The role of France. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict or the collapse of the French humanism."
The article, written by Mirvari Fataliyeva, chairwoman of the Azerbaijani House in France and secretary general of the Association of Friends of Azerbaijan, draws attention to the illogical and incomprehensible approach by official Paris to the occupation factor determined by the international community.
The article recalls that in the 1990s, about one million Azerbaijanis were brutally subjected to ethnic cleansing by Armenians, expelled from their native lands, and 613 peaceful Azerbaijanis were brutally killed during the Khojaly genocide.
Stressing that there are international documents demanding the return of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, that the war crimes committed by Armenia against the civilian population during the 44-day war have been confirmed by NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, that the Armenian community in France has organized hatred campaigns against neutral, principled French journalists and threatened them with death, the author asks: "How can this be explained by the changing logic of French humanism?"… How can we call the humiliation and destruction of cemeteries and mosques, the cutting and burning of forests, the destruction of cultural heritage and nature by Armenians during the withdrawal from the occupied territories? How can this logic, which destroyed French humanism, be explained? "
Reminding that France also supports four UN Security Council resolutions on the immediate and unconditional liberation of Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia, the author says that official Paris must comply with its commitment.
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